Re: Wine traveling on the Overland Route in 1949

Tim O'Connor


Since these documents were unofficial, I see no reason to assume they
are 100% accurate. In fact, since I can show you examples of incorrect
entries -- non-existent reporting marks, non-existent car numbers, I have
no reason to assume that every cargo listing is accurate. But perhaps your
powers of divination are greater than everyone else's. Pardon me for being
so bold as to question the unquestionable.

Tim O'Connor

Not necessarily. I wonder how many of those conductor's notes just -
assumed- that the contents of a loaded tank car with a large "WINE"
logo the car was filled with wine, and not something else.
Oh, sure. They just made up the cargoes. Or maybe they looked at
the waybills. Oh, yeah, that could make sense.

Tony Thompson

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