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Tim O'Connor

I think another kit with separate door stops is the Red Caboose ARA/X.29 box cars.

Tim O'Connor

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The door stops on the Accurail 8 panel SS boxcar would be a good match. Also the little kit issued by Standard Car Company (subsidiary of New England Rail service) to convert the above Accurail car to a door and a half car has parts that would work. Also might check the Grandt Line Camel Door parts.

Bill Welch

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Have you checked the Tichy door detail set? Their No. 3070. I believe it
has door stops.

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I have a F&C Wabash ss automobile box car and I need to replace the door
stops.I have looked but can't find suitable replacement parts.Does anyone
have any suggestions?Thanks in advance Mark McCoy tavwot@...

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