Re: 1944 AAR 10'-6" IH Box Car for Monon

Rob & Bev Manley

I checked at my LHS, Park Lane in Dyer IN,, where I bought my 2 cars. She is sold out but does have four of the Branchline 50' BCR cars.
Let me know if you need any.

Rob Manley
Midwest Mod-U-Trak
"Better modeling through personal embarrassment"

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Dear Richard,

Many thanks for that information, Richard, and I am delighted that Red Caboose has it covered, as I would love to use those decals without going to heaps of trouble. Protocraft was wrong in their description, then, as they specified those cars were delivered later. I'm not a bit surprised that you set it right!

Once again, you come to the rescue! ☺ Many thanks!



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On Feb 27, 2012, at 5:18 PM, Richard Hendrickson wrote:

> On Feb 27, 2012, at 3:22 PM, atsfnut wrote:
> > Gentlemen:
> >
> > I am fairly new to the group and, though primarily a Santa Fe
> > modeler, I have an old set of Champ decals with the Monon "Hoosier
> > Line" slogan to the right of the door, and would love to paint and
> > decal a box car to accept these decals. I note on the O-Scale
> > Protocraft website that they offer a set of decals for that Monon
> > car, which they say was a 1944 aar 10'-6 " IH box car from pullman-
> > standard, lot 5860. I can't quite tell from the Protocraft photo on
> > the site what the end configuration of that car might be, but it
> > looks to be a 4/4.
> >
> > The description is at:
> > ItemID=305&Categoryid=20
> >
> > My question: is there a manufactured car out there for that 1944
> > AAR car, or might this entail a difficult kitbash?
> >
> Michael, AFAIK the Monon received no new AAR steel box cars in 1944.
> They had a series of AAR 1937 spec. box cars built in 1941-'42 and a
> series of postwar AAR box cars built in 1947. The Champ decal set
> was intended for the '41 cars in the 9000-9449 series as repainted
> after WW II (the reweigh date in the decal set is 12-46), NOT for the
> '47 cars which had 4/4 Improved Dreadnaught ends and 10'6" IH. The
> best model for the 9000 series cars is the Red Caboose '37 AAR box
> car, and in fact RC made a special run of those cars with the
> original P/L scheme for the Monon historical society several years
> ago. The RC kits include the Superior 7 panel doors with which the
> Monon 9000 series cars were equipped, but you'll need a pair of HO
> scale National B-1 trucks. I don't have a photo of a 9000 series car
> in the late '40s P/L, but I'm sending you off-list a photo of one as
> built.
> Richard Hendrickson

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