Re: 1944 AAR 10'-6" IH Box Car for Monon

william darnaby

I would strongly suggest, with the best possible intentions, that you ditch
the Champ set and use the accurate Monon decals from Model Railroad Supply.

Bill Darnaby

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Dear Tim,

Many thanks for the effort to clarify, as I know this gets confusing.

What happened is that I saw a box car photo on the O-Scale Protocraft site
with a Monon Hoosier Line slogan. I said I had a Champ Decal set with that
same slogan and wondered where I could get that particular car.

Richard Hendrickson chimed in to say that the Champ decal was made for
another car entirely, one with a 10'0" inside height, numbered in the 9000
series. The decal does, in fact, call for a 10 IH car, so I am currently
looking for a Red Caboose 1937 AAR 10' IH car with 4/5 ends and w-corner

Sorry for the confusion, and I much appreciate your jumping in with your

Best wishes,


Michael Gross
La CaƱada, CA 91011-3542

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