Semet-Solvay Type 27 Tank Cars


On Nov. 1, 1947 Semet-Solvay Co. began to be operated as a Division of Allied Chemical & Dye Corp. It, along with Barrett Co., General Chemical Co. and others had been "wholly-owned subsidiaries" since 1920. The question I have is: did they change the lettering to reflect this change? I suspect that it was changed to maybe something like "Semet-Solvay Division of Allied Chemical & Dye Corp." Those of us modeling in 1947 and before are probably safe with "Company" but much later, in the 1950's who knows? The principle plants of Semet-Solvay were located at the following places: Ashland, Ky., Buffalo, NY, Ironton, Ohio, and Detroit, Mich. The Division "produces coke, gas and coal tar crudes such as creosote, ammonia, light oils, etc." Ref. 1949 Moody's Industrials, p. 2508-2509. FHP (Frank H. Peacock)

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