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Now if they can only get the colors right... I did a decal set for a C&NW WE car as I wanted one and their color was way off. Same problem with the MP FT set although I don't have a solution for it. Strangely they did a MP F-7 whose blue was off in the opposited direction (too light).

Jerry Glow

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IM's latest efforts have been state-of-the-art IMHO, so I wouldn't hesitate
preordering them. I was a little disappointed in their FGEX Wood Reefer
but it was still better than Atlas Trainman quality and more recent cars
have been top notch.

Charlie Vlk

Intermountain just announced a planned release of "WWII war emergency"
boxcars in N scale, presumably based on their popular HO models. Six road
names are planned: ATSF (Bx-43?), Wabash, C&NW, GM&O, NKP and another one I
forget at the moment...
Assuming these cars are similar to the HO models, can one expect reasonably
accurate models and paint schemes, i.e. should I preorder or wait for their
Thanks and regards,
Otto K.

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