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Here is an update and clarification on the location of the Combo Door Car parts photos. Chad's photos of the new 5/5/5 doors and reinforced side sill for the NP combo door cars are on this STMFC site in the "Box Car Doors Photo Album" The photo on the front of the particular album to search is of CGW 8274 Superior welded door. The Photo Album is located on the bottom of the second page in the bottom right hand corner, last album. Note these 5/5/5 doors are the correct doors for the NP 40' #3000-3399 and #8000-9250 series cars as previously noted.

Later, Dave

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The photos for the doors needed for the NP #3000-3399 Combo Door Cars have been posted on the STMFC site. The photo of the newly cast doors and side sill is shown in the Chad Boas Photo Section at The photo shows the correct 5/5/5 sliding door needed for this series XM, the correct size plug door and the reinforced side sill placed onto the side of an undecorated Intermountain kit #40499. The Intermountain PS kit is a great starting point for this conversion to a #3000-3399 series XM. This kit has the correct "bowtie" roof, the correct PS ends and the welded steel sides. Note that this car was built by Pullman Standard and is not quite the same as the cars in the Matt Sugerman NP Photo Section as Matt's cars are from the #8000-9250 series of XM cars. The #8000-9250 XM's were built by the NP at their Brainerd Shops.

A nice photo of XM #3202 can be found in the NP TellTale Collection Photo Files at . (NP TellTale Collection, Photo Album, posted Feb. 26, 2012, photo #3/415) Other photos of the #3000-3399 series XM's can be located in the RR Picture Archives at There are some nice photos of XM's from the #8000-9250 series cars on the Fallen Flags site at and RR Picture Archives at And finally, there are some additional photos of the #8000 + series cars in Todd Sullivan's NP Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Cars p.43
Car Diagrams and Car Roster Information can be located on the (Northern Pacific Railway Historic Association) NPRHA Research site at

Hope this information is helpful for those interested in getting some of these cars added to their freight car rosters.
Later, Dave S.

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Microscale, MC-4109 for the NP 40' combo door. 1958-70
Chad Boas

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What about decals for the cars?
Clark Propst

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