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Thank you, Richard, for that further clarification.


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There has been a lot of talk lately about p2K tank car railings,
which begs the question, who makes the most authentic type 21 tank
car: p2K, Intermountain, or Red Caboose? Is there a consensus about
Michael, they're all different. The Proto 2000 models represent AC&F
Type 21s built from 1921 (actually, some a bit earlier) through ca.
1929. The Intermountain models represent AC&F Type 27s built from
1927 until World War II. The Red Caboose model represents an AC&F
10k gal. welded ICC-103 built from ca. 1948 through the early '50s.
Quality and detail varies (the underframes on the Intermountain
models are a bit lame), but all are prototypically accurate.

Richard Hendrickson

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