Re: Lumber Loads

Malcolm H. Houck

The MILW made its home-built rib side box cars with a "lumber door" about
18 inches square high on the 'A' end to facilitate loading of long boards.

One of the last lumber loads I saw delivered to the Concord (Massachusetts)
company on Lowell Road was being unloaded by yardman "Eddie" and a helper,
by board through the small lumber door in the car end. Concord Lumber was
at the very
end of the stubbed former Reformatory Branch of the Boston & Maine which
was finally
abandoned in its entirety and the rails lifted during the summer of 1967.

The lumber I saw being unloaded all dimensioned lumber, and mostly 2 X 4
and 2 X 6
finished construction lumber........but all delivered by boxcar. I cannot
recall, if I ever
even looked to see if this was a MILW car, but it surely had a lumber door
and that was
the feature that embedded this recollection.

Mal Houck

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