GS Gondolas

Andy Harman

The GS style gondola is one of my favorite steam era freight cars. No
particular logic, I just never met a drop bottom gondola I didn't like and
the GS classes are the definitive drop bottom, at least in standard gauge.

Is there a good reference source for the various SP GS classes? I know
Challenger did some in brass - I have two, I don't remember exactly what
they are but neither are the same as the two Red Caboose models. The old
Ulrich die cast model also seems to be reasonably accurate for 55 years
ago. I also have a couple of the Detail Associates kits.

I'm also curious as to what other roads had GS type drop bottoms besides SP
- I think UP and D&RGW had similar if not identical cars. I've also seen
them depicted in Santa Fe and NP, but I have no idea if there's any truth
to that.

Like I said, no logic here - I never saw a GS in person and they didn't
live in my "official" modeling era or local which is OT for this forum.
But I do think they are among the most interesting and versatile freight
cars of their time.

I also have a PBL Sn3 800 class kit... and I've been tempted by the
Blackstone HOn3 model of same, although I'd have to buy a piece of track to
put either of them on.


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