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Jim Mischke

Max, I looked it up. The L&NE doodlebugs 90 and 91 were Brill model 250's, modified with streetcar steps.

This information is not in the small L&NE roster in "Doodlebug Country" as I had supposed, this is from the other book "Interurbans Without Wires", in the all-time Brill roster.

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This is a bit off topic. This list is for pre-1960 freight cars.

Nonetheless, I would field this question, because the research methodology applies.

L&NE 90, 91 are gas-electric, not gas-mechanical, looking at the trucks. Unusual. They have street level steps, like Brill's main products, trolley cars. These L&NE cars look a little skimpy to be model 250's.


The best reference in one of Ed Keilty's three doodlebug books. "Doodlebug Country" covers the national doodlebug fleet owned by Class I railroads, I think L&NE would count as a larger railroad. This book is long out of print and may be a collector's item. Perhaps it can be borrowed on interlibrary loan from a holding library, by your local public library. All you need is a library card there. Sometimes there is a nominal fee and postage.

A quick poke at Worldcat ( shows the only copy in your New Jersey area is at Princeton University. Like several other Ivy League schools, Princeton charges admission for their main library. Ugh. Not at their satellite libraries like engineering where much of the railroad stuff is. Yay! But another poke at the Princeton library catalog there shows Keilty's book (call number TF494 .K44 1982) is in something called Annex A, sounds like deep storage. Retrieval probably must be arranged beforehand, with a university who charges outsiders fees instinctively. Still, it costs little to call/email and ask.

Steam Era Freight Car content: WorldCat, university library catalogs, engineering satellite libraries, calling ahead, and interlibrary loan are all research tools for freight cars too.

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Can anyone identify to the two pair of Brill cars owned by the L&NE? I'm
interested in Brill mode names and any other miscellaneous info which might
be available



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