Re: WFE 68400 - 68649

Steve Haas

<<I am looking for information on the as delivered paint and lettering
configuration of the WFE 68400 - 68649 40ft steel refrigerator cars from
PC&F. Anyone seen a picture of one?>>


The Form 19 section (Modeler's Section) of the March 1997 GNRHS "Goat" has
an article by John R. Westley on modeling the 68400 - 68649 series of WFEX
cars from the Intermountain R-40-23.

The same article discusses how a 68000 - 68399 series car can be built from
the same kit. If you don't have that issue, you may be able to order it
from the GNRHS company store at

The article includes references to Clive Carter's April 1996 Article in
MAINLINE MODELER on WFEX cars that includes a pic of the car series in

I vaguely recall (and reserve the right to be wrong) that Clive's articles
on WFEX equipment had one article on wood sheathed reefers and another on
the steel sheathed reefers, but I could be wrong.

Hopefully this information will get you further down the road.

Best regards,

Steve Haas
Snoqualmie, WA

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