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Bill Welch


I have yet to see a Builders Photo of these cars and the only in-service photo I have are in the simplified scheme with yellow hardware and the "Ventilator" stenciling omitted. I do have several Builders Photos of the cars build by FGE, WFE, and BRE in the 1947-1949 period and all have black hardware, BC red under the door, and the "Ventilator" stenciling. The "placard" boards were not consistently black.

I hope this helps.

Bill Welch

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I am looking for information on the as delivered paint and lettering configuration of the WFE 68400 - 68649 40ft steel refrigerator cars from PC&F. Anyone seen a picture of one? The new Accurail model is shown in a review in the April 2012 RMC on page 82; but the lettering style is based on the 1960 version. What I am looking for is confirmation of the lettering style and the use of black paint on the hinges, ladders, grabs on the sides. In addition, I would like to know if the "placard" boards were originally painted black.
In Great Northern Lines East, second edition, on page 195, you will see similar but not exact cars to the two new Accurail models in their as delivered paint and lettering configuration. This should help to illustrate my question.
Thank you,
Tyrone Johnsen
Rockford, IL

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