Tahoe Model Works Trucks

Andy Carlson

I am offering the whole line of Brian Leppert's world-class HO trucks. All 11
trucks are available in three versions. Pair of trucks with code 110 old style
"fat wheel" RP25 wheel profile (the 1XX series). Pair of trucks with the code 88
semi-scale wheel profile (the 2XX series). Pair of sideframes with brake
beam/shoes, LESS wheelsets (the 0XX series).
For instance, a pair of Dalman 2-level trucks w LM device and code 88 wheels
would be #202. A fat wheeled 40-50 ton Archbar truck would be #103. A 70- ton
truck w/o wheels would be #010.

The info for these trucks is available on-line at Jim Haye's Sunshine Models Web

001 Dalman 2-level 50-ton cast steel truck w/o lateral motion device
002 Dalman 2-level 50-ton cast steel truck w lateral motion device
003 40-50 ton Archbar, 5'6" wb.
004 Bettendorf swing motion caboose truck
005 Barber-Bettendorf swing motion truck
006 Buckeye cast steel truck w. spring planks
007 Double-Truss 50- ton truck
008 Coil-Elliptic cast steel truck
009 Barber Lateral Motion 50-ton truck
010 ACF 70-ton plain journal bearing truck
011 5'0" old-time Archbar truck

Price for the complete trucks are $6.50/pair, either style of wheelset.
Price for the sideframe/brakes castings, less wheels is $3.50/pair.
Shipping is $2.75 and up, depending on weight.
As before, please keep responses off-list. I can be contacted at

I accept checks and money orders. With a $0.50 + 3% surcharge, I also accept
PayPal. Thanks,
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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