DRGW 70 ton Gondolas

gary laakso

The 70 ton trucks on these 47'-21/4" 1922 Pressed Steel gondolas also had two brake shoes per wheel. The cars were used on the DRGW to Los Angeles run to supply the Pacific fleet with coal until it was converted to burn oil. A few cars were equipped with coal racks to serve the steel mills in Pueblo and the Geneva Works. Of course, they were used in sugar beet service and ended their service on the Monarch branch hauling limestone.

gary laakso
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I would say that they were an early version of a Buckeye 70-Ton truck. I used to see an updated version of this type of truck beneath Bessemer & Lake Erie triple hoppers when I worked as a PRR operator at Stadium Tower in Greenwich Yard in South Philadelphia in 1967-1968. Greenwich was a destination for coal trains of export coal at the time and a good third of the loaded hoppers were B&LE triples with the later version of the Buckeye truck. Indeed, the horns were the support for the brake beams and outside clasp brakes.

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