Re: DRGW 70 ton Gondolas. 70000-70699

Lee Gautreaux

Okay, I'm getting conflicting info on these cars. It is stated that they were built by Pressed Steel Car here on the list, but I have them listed as WSCF based on the list here:

Can anyone clarify what WSCF might be?

Lee A. Gautreaux - The RailGoat

Tim is correct about the number series. W&R had a hard order for 50 of the cars before it decided to import them. Some DRGW modeler has long gondola drags to run.

gary laakso
south of Mike Brock

From: Tim O'Connor
Subject: [STMFC] Re: DRGW 70 ton Gondolas



Interestingly, at least 20 cars were refitted and classified as
class GB for the 'bullion trade'.

These are the cars W&R imported just over 10 years ago.

Tim O'

At 3/18/2012 08:46 AM Sunday, you wrote:

Which number series are you referring to for these cars?

Lee A. Gautreaux - The RailGoat

The 70 ton trucks on these 47'-21/4" 1922 Pressed Steel gondolas also had two brake shoes per wheel. The cars were used on the DRGW to Los Angeles run to supply the Pacific fleet with coal until it was converted to burn oil. A few cars were equipped with coal racks to serve the steel mills in Pueblo and the Geneva Works. Of course, they were used in sugar beet service and ended their service on the Monarch branch hauling limestone.

gary laakso

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