Re: tank car placards for models

mt19a <LarrynLynnHanlon@...>

Hi Jim,

Avery makes self adhesive white and transparent labels in various sizes designed to be run through laser or inkjet printers. I use #8660 clear inkjet labels for Christmas letter addressing, and have never had a problem with jams in the printer. I would guess their labels are typically .002 - .004" in thickness.

I'll let you change out the placards, etc., though! :)

Larry Hanlon.
Bend, OR

--- In STMFC@..., Jim Betz <jimbetz@...> wrote:

Has anyone ever seen any kind of "post it note material" for
consumer use that can be run thru a printer? I would have to have
some kind of peel off covering for the sticky part. But would be
ideal for model use since you could even change out the placards
on your cars between/during ops ... oh damn, I think I just opened
up Pandora's box! But it would be nice to have placards and other
such items (waybills, etc.) that could be 'attached' to the model
but also be able to change them out!
- Jim

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