Re: CBQ GS Gon

Charles Hostetler <cesicjh@...>

Looks a lot like the CB&Q GS gon that Sunshine has/had available.
As well as 2000 composite GA's, the Burlington had six classes of composite GS gondolas totalling about 7500 cars, built between
1922 and 1938. They were variously rebuilt and renumbered, some being converted to GT's with solid bottoms. By 1951, when the
photo was taken, there were about 6500 GS's left (2100 GS-5/5X and 4350 GS-7 / GS-8). These three classes were very similar, the
GS-8 having a power hand brake and AAR design trucks.

Thanks Tom and Rupert, I shall investigate the Sunshine offering when I get back home.


Charles Hostetler
Goshen, IN

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