Pre-orders, pro or con.

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Folks, it appears that the concept of pre-ordering models months
before they are manufactured is becoming standard in some areas of
our hobby. I understand that this is a safety feature for the
manufacturers, that they can estimate the market and place the
production run at a 100% sale. Little risk of over-production.
It also says they have given up control of the manufacturing process
and so must control the market.
I, for one, am giving notice that I will no longer buy into the
pre-order cycle. When I buy a product sight unseen, I see myself
making a bet that the product will meet my hoped for quality
standards. By the time I know, it is too late. Pitch it or
ebay it, either way I lose.
If the maker has no faith in the marketability of the product and
fears it will lay unsold on the shelf, then I have no faith in
his product either. I will not make that bet again.
Yes, I will miss out on some products that I might otherwise find
desirable. But I see that as offset by having wasted no money
on disappointments.
I alone will change no makers marketing. But as more of us lose
faith in this pre-order system, those who have control of their
production will stock their shelves and prosper when we buy those
products. A critical review will mean something because we will be
aware of what we are buying.
A review that appears after a model is ordered and delivered is worthless. No longer timely. I hold hope that we as consumers
can help the makers who stock shelves have faith in their
products and in us as consumers. As for the others, perhaps
empty shelves are a portend of their future wealth.
Are there others who share feeling I have expressed here?
If so, please do not risk jail by mentioning or hinting at any
one manufacturer. The cookies there, I hear, are left over from
a wrecked boxcar still laying on a river bank somewhere.
Damp and worse.....
Chuck Peck

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