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I can't remember where I just read this, but a significant amount of US to Russia "lend-lease" was shipped out of Oregon ports on Russian flagged merchant ships - remember that Japan and Russia were not at war until the very end of WWII. The material could not be armaments or munitions, but trains and food were ok. 50% of US to Russia "Lend-lease" flowed through the pacific route.

The Russian ships went to Vladivostok, and material would traverse the trans-siberian railway to get to western Russia.

Wonder how long it would be until those F30's saw PRR rails again...

Dave Evans

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Super pick up!

Why were they going to a west coast routing? Was Murmansk too dangerous? What port on the east coast of USSR was open?

Did these guys come out of Eddystone? If so, it would not be a surprise they chose F30A's. Those flats were a much better choice than any of the riveted flats, and you often see photos of them overloaded. I suspect the choice was deliberate, as both flats are F30A's.

Elden Gatwood

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For all you connoissuers of PRR flatcars and wide gauge equipment, here are pictures from a posting on the Northern Pacific yahoo group showing Nixon pictures from Missoula, MT on October 25, 1943. It appears the routing did not use the Bruceton detour for PRR equipement, though the flatcars may have been supplied as empties from there.

gary laakso
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"USSR 24-25 Baldwin Builder # 69932-69933 for export to Russia, passing through Missoula on a revenue freight train."
Date: October 25, 1943
Location: Missoula, MT

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