Re: tank car placards for models

Jim Betz

Hi guys,

I checked The Train Shop for the 87-975 decals. No joy.
(They did put them on their order list however.) Due to Tony's
comments about MicroScale not having them right now I checked
MicroScale's web site - "Not available". I doubt their website
is sophisticated enough to log people's visits as input to their
production schedules.
I suggest that if you want some of these decals that you
either get your supplier to order some - or send an email or
call MicroScale.


(714) 593-1422 (Main Number / General Information)


If what I saw when I checked the website is true then the
placards included on 87-975 do -not- include the "empties"
decals ... I found their very poorly represented image and
saved it and used software to enlarge it ... didn't see any
thing that even closely resembled the "half black" style you
show on your blog.
- Jim

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