Looking for some HO cars

roblmclear <rob.mclear3@...>

Hi Group I am looking to find any of the following intermountain cars; if have
some you would like to get rid of at a reasonable price please get in touch with

1937 AAR Boxcars
45703 Norther Pacific
45739 ATSF Bx27
45747 Union Pacific

10'6" Modified AAR Boxcar
45801 Northern Pacific
45815 Union Pacific Serves all the West.

Stock Cars
47915 Sk-U
47913 ATSF
47907 Sk-R

Caswell Gondolas
47764 Ga-5
47765 Ga-7

Any of the Santa Fe Reefers in the 46100 series with the Straight Line Map.

Rob McLear
Kingaroy, Queensland

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