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You know, this Tichy tank car question has been around for almost 20 years
now, and the usable parts are always in demand. Why hasn't Tichy just
bitten the bullet and produced the correct tank, and variations thereof?
Seems a no-brainer with good advertising!

Jerry Michels
Seems to me that the parts for the four course tank, which was Bill Gould's original reason for doing this car to the exclusion of all others, are pretty much integrated into the parts sprues for the rest of the kit. Which means doing a tool for a new tank makes most the rest of the kit redundant, yet it still has to be run to provide all the parts.

Putting this sort of new money into a mature product falls under the heading of throwing good money after bad. Sometimes it's better to just move on. I would imagine that given the amount of money (or lack thereof) that Tichy spends advertising the tank car, it sells just fine.


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