Re: Pre-orders, pro or con.

Joel Holmes <lehighvalley@...>

Hi All,

Let me add my 2 cents worth, although because of inflation, it should be,
my 25 cents worth. I agree with Allen's comments.

I will not pre order and pay for any one of the following reasons:

I could loose my prepayment, or have a difficult time getting it back.

I have not seen the model and do not know how well it will be produced.

The cost is way too high.

Most of the models produced are for the past 20 to 40 years. I model in
the early 1900's and thus very few models of that era have been produced.

I know there are advantages to pre-orders, but there are may problems as
well. I hope the manufactures get this message and do something about it.


I agree 100% with Chuck's well stated complaints with the pre order

Add to this the risk of losing you money completely if the manufacturer,
distributor or LHS goes out of business. Stand in line to get MAYBE a
percentage of your money back if they go into bankruptcy.

I have personally missed out on some Intermountain rolling stock that I
preordered through a reliable supplier when they apparently did not
enough to fill their pre-orders. And yes, I had paid for these when I
ordered them months in advance. Eventually I got my money back but even
that took a lot of time chasing down credit card charges to prove that I
paid for them.

I too will order but not pre-pay for items that have not been reviewed
commented on by knowledgeable folks who have actually seen them.

I may miss out on something but then this I just a hobby. And there is
always Ebay where about anything can be found from
shops/distributors/speculators do buy stock to sell. Humm, sounds like
a Hobby Shop used to do. Realistically, this preorder business will
contribute to the demise of the local hobby shops who no longer can
item from distributor/manufacturer stock after they have been produced
will move sales to on-line stores who can stock up by pre-ordering and sell

Allen Cain

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