Sunshine Kit 102.5 CV 43000 Series / 102.4 4200 Series trucks & 7 rung ladders

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What I understand is that these cars used a "nested" six-spring truck. The correct HO trucks are not available for these kits at this time. You could use the TP-40 or " Cast Sideframe" type which are close in appearance.

BTW I found another problen with the Kit 102.5 CV 43000 series. The Ladders included in the kit are "7" Rung. The sides take "8" rung and the ends "7". You will have to glue an extra rung from the 5th ladder on the sprue. or , what I did, used the "8" rung ladders from a FGEX kit and swapped them, they are "8" rung.---


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I just started building SS Models Kit 102.5 the CV 43000 Series

Hi Eric,

Your post made me aware of this CV car and got me to Sunshine where I
found CV 42000 as well. Sunshine offers two kinds of trucks: TP 40 black
plastic cast side frame, non-sprung trucks with non-magnetic metal
wheelsets and TP 51 Black plastic Andrews, non-sprung trucks with
non-magnetic metal wheel sets.

I read the Sunshine flyer and can not find information on which trucks
these two CV cars had.
Which are correct?

Bob Moeller

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