Explosives placards...

Jack Burgess <jack@...>

<I no longer have the source material in my possession, but as I recall,
<at least for explosives, the pertinent Interstate Commerce Commission
<regulations during World War II (Par. 909) specified both the color of
<the placard and the color of the printing. The explosives placard was
<yellow with mostly black printing; the word "EXPLOSIVES" and the phrase
<"KEEP FIRE AWAY" were printed in red. The placard included a condensed
<list of the rules for handing cars loaded with explosives.
<Best wishes,

I have a couple of these for the Yosemite Valley RR and they conform to the
above specifications. The signs are actually printed on "yellowish"
cardstock (like a dark manila folder color). The railroad name was printed
on them at the top. One has the date to be filled in printed as
"______192___". No use making an employee fill in two numbers when only one
will do the job...

Jack Burgess
Newark, CA

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