Re: tank car placards for models


Hi Jim
You could use a label and just not press it all the way home. On plastic it should not be a big problem, especially if you cut it a little larger than the placard holder so you can grab it with tweezers. If you are concerned, you could touch the label to a bit of glass first to take away some of the glue but I don't think that would be necessary.

I have used labels to put names, etc on plastic baseball helmets for my kids and they can be easily removed.


Has anyone ever seen any kind of "post it note material" for

consumer use that can be run thru a printer? I would have to have
some kind of peel off covering for the sticky part. But would be
ideal for model use since you could even change out the placards
on your cars between/during ops ... oh damn, I think I just opened
up Pandora's box! But it would be nice to have placards and other
such items (waybills, etc.) that could be 'attached' to the model
but also be able to change them out!
- Jim

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