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This point certainly isn't lost on me. I drive an hour plus each way
to a so-so hobby place that has boxed train sets, train set quality
track, and whatever two year old paint no one else has wanted to buy.
I ask for what I really want and get told they can order it for me.
I point out that I am from out of town and get told they will ship
it to me. Considering that I can buy it cheaper from the mail order
place and still get it shipped, I wasted my drive. Further, I'm still
buying a pig in a poke because they had only a picture to show me,
if that. But if it has been on the market and I hear or read good
things about it, I can have some confidence.
But even the mail order house can't stock and ship when the
manufacturer/importer wants firm reservations in advance. I get on
the XYZ mailing list so I can be told "Order now before the deadline"
with an estimated delivery 4, 6, or more months away.
Sorry, folks, I'm now off that merry-go-round. I sympatise with
the dealers, distributors, etc., but I am the consumer whose money
you want to earn. To earn my money, you will have to find a way to
do better. I'm not asking for a better product, I'm demanding a
better business model. Until then, those who make products for the
shelf will be the only ones who see my money. Yes, there are a few.
At least a few on this list of whom I think highly. They and only
they will see my money.
Goodbye to those who want me to order future products.
Chuck Peck

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Lost in this discussion is the fact that you can't sell what you don't have. If nobody stocks anything then why go to their brick & mortar establishment. Not all of us go to RPM, NMRA or train shows on a regular basis. My LHS is a place I can go to see like minded people and interesting goods. If I don't go, I soon loose interest and drop the hobby. That's happining before our eyes today, the hobby is shrinking.
Allen Ferguson

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While we tire-kickers are fed up with sold-out preordered releases, the
economic realities for the producers are stark.

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