Re: Pre-orders, pro or con.

Armand Premo

Hasn't Kadee produced some nice logging cars and caboose for close to forty years?Time flies when you're having fun.Armand Premo

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>Have they been making freight cars for 20 years? I thought their rolling
>stock lines were more recent.

Not 20 years, maybe 12-13. The article was before the PS-1 when they were
"just" a coupler company. I was impressed that they truly did everything
themselves. The manufactured their own packaging, including molding and
tooling the vacuum-formed blister packs, and even printing the instruction
sheets and packaging. The only thing that went in the door was raw
material. I don't think they made their own paper or mined their own
zinc. But pretty much every part of the process that made it into a Kadee
product they did themselves. I don't know if they are still 100% in-house,
but if I had to bet I'd bet yes. The products all still have the same
quality, look, and feel even while going through changes - like the new
style trucks for instance.


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