Sunshine kit 72.4 BREX plug door reefer kit question

greg snook

Good afternoon,
I've recently received this kit, and opened it with the intent of
building it (unlike its cousins in my closet, i suppose), and quickly
noticed that I don't even know where to start. The instructions seem to be
for a standard 40' reefer, and mostly refer to some PFE information. I'm
really stuck on two points. First, there seems to be several cylindrical
castings that have detail that matches the round device to the left of
either car side (a or b end independent) approximately 16 inches above the
truck, however I don't see any information on how to apply this, or , since
there seems to be 6 sets of 2, giving 3 variations, which should be used
for what? I've seen two presentations at Cocoa and one at Lisle last year
by Bill Welch on FGEX cars, and I've been trying to learn more about
FG/BR/WFEX reefers, however this is the most accurate description of the
part and my question of how to install it that I can offer.

Second, and more controversial I know, would anyone have a suggestion for
the yellow and brown paints? I see the tip suggests painting the pieces
before assembly, if anyone can offer tips on how to join the ends and side
without the results looking like I glued the ends to the side, I would
certainly appreciate that as well.

Thanks in advance,

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