Re: Pre-orders, pro or con.

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I think that Kadee is a shining example of how to run a model rail business selling RTR product. Consider--even though their primary product is now copied by others, they still sell a lot of couplers. And a lot of Excellent STMFC's. Many other firms would do well to follow their business model!!

Steve Lucas.

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How does Kadee do it here in the US?
Very well. There was an article in MR about 20 years ago that told the
story, which I expect is continuing. You can't wander in with a wad of
cash and wave it around and start up a company like Kadee. They are what
they are today because they always have been, and before that they were
built from the ground up with some pretty unique - and I might say - old
fashioned ideas about how to run a business. Starting with the saying if
you want something done right do it yourself. Which leads me back to kits...


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