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Mark Mathu

What is the cubic yard capacity of the Walthers HO scale Difco Dump Car?
Mark Mathu
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It is always dangerous to try to reason with inadequate data, but I cannot find any evidence that DIFCO cars of the design represented by the Walthers models were built any earlier then about 1964. DIFCO was the last builder of dump cars in this country.

John C. La Rue, Jr.
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After spending (wasting?) time searching on the internet, and in the group archives (not a waste), I cannot seem to find any information on when Difco (Differential Steel Car Company) were built. From what I did see in the archives, they would be around in the early 1950's, but wanted to be sure. Model wise, I'm looking at the Walthers cars...not a lot of options in N Scale ya know! <G>

TIA for any info or pointers!

Take Care,

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