Re: Pre-orders, pro or con.

Andy Harman

At 02:55 PM 3/24/2012 -0400, you wrote:
than when I was a kid. Bruce stocks Exactrail, Intermountain, Red
Caboose, Atlas, Athearn, Genesis, you name it -- and still has a
great stock of parts, motors, DCC, whatever. Bruce is 70 now but
he's as sharp as ever -- He did say that no one will ever buy his
store and when he quits it will be the end of it
One reason it's difficult to sell a successful well-stocked store is, well, it has a lot of inventory which means the asking price is going to be pretty high. The original owner has built that asset base over many years, but a potential new owner has to fork it over all at once - either that or go borrow it. That is precisely what happened to a semi-local shop here. The owner had multiple buyers back out and fall through, and ultimately kept it going himself part time. He basically then *gave* the store to three different people, while retaining ownership of the inventory - just to keep it going. The first two had to back out for health reasons and the third one rubbed customers the wrong way to the point that most never came around for a second look (myself included) and he finally closed up for good, but he still shows up at swap meets to sell inventory.


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