Re: Hutchins steel roofs for 40 ft steel boxcars

O Fenton Wells

Thanks Randy, I'll check this out. I don't believe this roof ahs the
stiffening part but I'll go back and take another look.
Fenton Wells
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Hi, Fenton -

Sylvan models makes both a Hutchins and Murphy roof. I have not seen them,
and I've heard they are getting out of the freight car/freight car detail
parts business so I don't know if they are available.

A number of F&C kits have parts that will work, but their roof is designed
to fit inside the ends, making it somewhat difficult to use since you'll
need to extend it. But you can get their bagged kits inexpensively at
shows, and may find uses for the rest of the models too.

The most common option for kitbashing is from several Accurail cars. This
requires cutting it off the model, of course. The price on these is
reasonable too.

Depending on the variation you need (does the prototype have a stiffening
rib between the major carlines?) it might be easier to stratchbuild.

I hope that helps -

Randy Hammill
Modeling the New Haven Railroad 1946-1954

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I need some help from the group. I have several 40 ft boxcar 'bashes' on
the schedule that require a Hutchins Steel Roof. Does anyone make such a
roof as a seperate peice or will I have to surgically remove a roof (a
roofendectomy)from another kit ? Sunshine makes the part but I don't
believe they sell the parts by themselves.
Any help is appreciated
Fenton Wells

Fenton Wells
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