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"to be "NIT PICKING" RPM nuts"
Can someone 'splain that one to me as I might be one and don't even
know it.

You might be a Nit Picking Railroad Prototype Modeler if:

* If you recognize that Bower's PRR freight car color is wrong and make
honest attempts to correct it and Lee English gives you the cold
should after
your helpful emails.

*If you recognize that the Walthers X29 boxcar and the Red Caboose X29
different lengths.

*If you have already recognized that and underframe on a resin kit is
wrong and others remind you that the SHAKE N TAKE kit needs to have
the correct

*If you realize that the Life Like 50-foot boxcar can be used for a PRR
X38 but the roof on the durn thing needs to be raised 2½ scale inches,
rivet patterns no problem.

*IF you know every durn fool AAR truck produced made from the twenties to
the late fifties even from the crappiest photo...

*If you have a huge collection of Mainline Modeler and Prototype modeler
and won't rip the articles and dump the adds.

*If you remember when Paul Lubeliner was carrying around rubber molds of
his F units.

*If you remember when Jim Six was an editor for Prototype Modeler and
Richard Hendrickson was a regular contributor.

*If you remember West Rail kits.

* If you have more equipment on your layout that will pass the foot or
less rule than there is equipment that would qualify in the three foot

*If you enjoy reading someone's research and interests in a particular
railroad or related company like SFRD, PFE, FGEX/WFEX/NX/BREX, MDT, etc.

If you think you resemble any of the above categories or characteristics
you just might be a serious modeler than enjoys the research as much a
modeling and view it as part of the hobby.

Greg Martin

Eventually all things merge into one and a river runs through it.
Norman Maclean
Greg and Y'all
There is one other.

*If you are a PRR modelerthat changes all the drivers on his steam
engine to the correct quarter!

Morgan Bilbo Ferroequinologist SPF PRRTHS #1204

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