Re: State of the RPM hobby

Greg Martin

Fred Freitas writes:


You have not only described me, you've given away my age too ! I have to
agree with what you stated as I too, enjoy the research and the modeling
efforts needed to build as close to proto as my skill level allows.

Fred Freitas
Panhandle Divn 1953

Fred and all,

I wrote it with tongue in cheek, but most of it is true and I think most
of us can relate. I would say that most of us took our work a bit more
seriously starting in the seventies, albeit most of us began by reading works of
others which proves that the writers of that era had been testing their
work even earlier.

We all have mentors and for me to just state a few they would include Mont
Switzer, Bob Zenk, Richard Hendrickson, Jim Six, Tony Thompson, Wayne
Sittner as well as others. These are the guys that taught me all about hacking
up freight cars and diesels. There are others that have inspired me equally
when it came to structures and scenery like Lou Sassi, Paul Dolkos, Paul
Scoles and Walt Appel as well. The scenery guys have never forced the
"Prototype" layout thing down my throat, but they have dazzled me with
realism... and reminded me that what makes a layout feel as realistic as the
prototype is getting the signatures correct.

Fred you're absolutely correct and to quote you, "enjoy the research and
the modeling efforts needed to build as close to proto as my skill level
allows", and I think that all of the above mentors have only ever ask you to
challenge your own skills and raise your personal bar one more time, that is
all I think that Schuyler's SHAKE N TAKE Yahoo Group and the same with
Bruce's PRR Project Yahoo Group ever has wanted of it crews. You can't win if
you don't play.

We all to often forget this is a hobby of illusion, and we use the
illusion to our advantage and something magical happens in the end.

No contest can fully reward it, no judge can validate it. We are our own
judges and we win our own contest, and bragging rites go out the window with
the egos.

Greg Martin

Eventually all things merge into one and a river runs through it.
Norman Maclean

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