Re: size of rectangles on plano apex slotted scratchbuilders' material

John Hagen


Based on the approx. 1.8 inch overall width as stated in Plano's description
of these items, the opening sizes would scale out to 0.060 X 0.015 inches.
The dividing bars are 0.008 and 0.005 inches. These will vary a bit from
actual as I am using their photo of the product, enhanced to 600 dpi and
rescaled to 1.799" wide. I then zoomed in a bunch to be able to measure the
dimensions using the Photoshop measuring tool. I make decals and I have
found that using this method of finding dimensions is quite effective,
depending on the sharpness of the photo used and the size of the pixels
involved. By using 600 dpi I believe these measurements are around + or -

At least they should be close enough to determine the plausibility of using
them for your purpose.

So where did you find TT F units?

John Hagen

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Subject: [STMFC] size of rectangles on plano apex slotted scratchbuilders'

there's a few sizes of apex pattern etching that plano use (based on a bunch
of samples i have from him) and i'm wondering if anyone has used their Apex
Slotted Pattern Scratch builders Material and can tell me what the length of
the inidividual rectangles is?

(i've tried plano but no reply, he's a pretty busy guy from what i

i'm trying to come up with something that i can use for farr grilles in TT
scale! hence the weird query.

cheers, ben

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