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Although this is off-topic, and the thread should not go much further, it is none-the-less quite interesting.
MEMS technology is the foundation of the device featured in the link offered by Mr. O'Connor.
Could technology such as this show up in model railway products ?
Perhaps... but I would not go looking for it just yet from your favorite R-T-R manufacturers. :-)
MEMS are not really new either. We were deploying them at Lucent Tech well over ten years ago in complex all-otical switching system products.

But, for those curious folks, here are a couple links regarding MEMS.

Ron dePierre

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I can't think of any particular model application for this off the top of my head, but
it looks pretty interesting ... It's kinda fascinating that they can produce up-and-down
motion without any gears, wheels, cams, or other traditional 'mechanism' .

Tim O'Connor

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