Re: What is Prototype Modeling?


It depends on your intrepation of "moving freight" - moving it over distance, or delivering it. Neither is better than the other - it's a personal choice but obviously the city based in the latter and seemingly more popular with the "operators" (ie games with trains types) Ducking for cover after that one...

Jerry Glow

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You hit on the two key factors about eastern railroad modeling which is
precisely why everyone on this list should model Eastern urban areas;
fewer trees and short scenes. It's patently obvious when I look at New
Haven Railroad track diagrams the track lengths are significantly
shorter than anything that existed in the Southwest. <VBG>

On a more serious note, I've bitten off a big project, modeling the New
Haven between Boston and New York City (and to Maybrook), but I am
applying the same design process as others on this list by omitting some
chucks of ROW. My omitted chunks may be slightly larger than other
layout builders, but it's my railroad.

Happy modeling,

Peter Ness

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