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Bob McCarthy

Good evening!

     Exactrail was present with a large display right behind our Scale S display at the SAVANNAH RPM recently.

     Nice cars  even if they were rather tiny compared to S. <G>!

Bob McCarthy

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Tony Thompson and others writes about the termination of dealers by


"This doesn't apply necessarily to ExactRail, but in the past,

manufacturers who retreated to direct-order only were usually in a

death spiral."

I have the same impression. I will note, however, that the STMFC rules do

not allow criticism of a manufacturer's business practices. So, while there

is nothing wrong with voicing a concern about the viability of a

manufacturer due to a business practice, the court...uh...I will note that

this subject is on shaky ground.

Having said that, I think merely pointing out that a business practice might

make it more difficult to purchase a product might be considered to be

information useful to a manufacturer and should not be construed to be a

criticism. Admittedly, its close. In fact, personally, I dislike buying a

product that I have not seen. A LHS shelf is one way to see it. RPM Meets

are another. Exactrail may have terminated their access to LHS but they have

been present at Prototype Rails so perhaps they plan to continue to show

product that way.

I might also note that I think someone...Exactrail?...should produce a model

of a UP HK-50-4 hopper car. Is this criticism? Nope. Would I put up the

money to produce the tooling for such a car? Nope.

Mike Brock


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