Re: Exactrail

Joel Holmes <lehighvalley@...>

Hi Scott,

I thank you are correct. Is started with kits. Went to scratch building
almost immediately as a cost savings. I was poor in those days. I have a
lot of RTR equipment, but still build kits, and mostly scratch build. I
cannot afford much of this museum level RTR cars and locomotives. I like
that idea of a railroad warehouse. I also knew a basement model railroad
shop which has now become one of the largest model railroad and hobby
store in a major city.

Joel Holmes

There is a shop in Phoenix that seems to have a different model that
works. Rather than have a store in a typical strip mall they have a
store in a light industrial area. The store has a small office and
what is basically a warehouse with shelfs and displays. It appears to
be very low overhead. They do also run an extensive mail order
operation. Despite all of that the owner still works a regular job
elsewhere. One of the real points to be recognized is that more of us
want ready to roll cars and locomotives with sound decoders
installed. I was at a local store this week and saw the Atlas, old
Branchline, kits for $13. If more of us were willing to do what we
did a few years ago, that is build kits, install decoders, etc.,
perhaps the price pressures we see on current products would not be
pushing the hobby the way they are.

Scott Kremer

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