Scalecoat paint

Bill Lane

For over 20 years I have used Scalecoat for the car color and Floquil
weathering. I lost track of how many models I have painted - 99% of which
were brass - but it is well over 500. Yesterday I started painting some O
Scale boxcars in Floquil because that is what I was told to do. The cars
were freshly blasted in my booth. Since I am decaling I mixed 2 bottles of
paint in with 1 bottle of high gloss. Floquil does NOT COVER especially in
the hard corners. I sprayed and sprayed waiting for it to build and cover
but it did not - at least to my satisfaction. I was going to paint, bake and
paint again to get good coverage when I stopped saying this is just wrong.
After some campaigning I was able to switch to Scalecoat and completed
painting the cars to an excellent finish.

The best thing I could say about the Floquil paint is it came off in the
blast booth in record time - much easier than the original clear coat on the
cars! I know that there are some other "newer" brands some of which I have
also recently used for the first time.

But for me I will stick to Scalecoat. It just works! I have goofed that the
last bottle of Scalecoat will be pried from my cold dead hands!

Thank You,
Bill Lane

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