Re: NP DD box car kits


Along with the NP sets, I already have artwork done for decals for the GN version: If anyone has info including pics for the CB&Q version, please contact me.

Jerry Glow

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I have reworked the underbody and reposted a picture of it. I had a photo of the car being built sent to me.
Chad Boas

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I have uploaded some pictures of the NP DD box car project in the file named Combo DD Box cars. The kit uses the Intermountain 40' PS-1 kit #40499. The kit comes with both sets of doors, the 5/5/5 and the plug doors, the bottom sills, door stops and rollers and I am adding a piece of angle for the top door track for the plug door. The plug door is a thin overlay. Kits are $10 each and $1 per kit for S/H. As usual, keep the sales questions off list please and send them to me.
Next will be the GN and CB&Q. Then back to flat cars:)
Thanks, Chad Boas

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