Re: An unusual (to me) triple hopper


The picture in Mainline Modeler shows a car with peaked dreadnaught ends. The model has plain flat ones. Did C&O have the latter version mixed in with the former?


Edward Sutorik

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Yep, C&O -- also imported as Overland #1308

Tim O'Connor

Panel-side triples were rare, but C&O had some: C&O 173000-176499. For in-service photos, see Karig, "CC:300", p 330, and MM 7/00 p 54. Like most panel-side cars, they were rebuilds, in this case from rib-side cars: see MM 10/04, pp 42-43. Brass models of these cars were imported by NJ Custom Brass: see MRR 6/82, p 42.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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