Re: PE 5700 series gondola

Lee Gautreaux


I have a few questions about these cars. First, do you know the limits of the SP series to which the PE 5700-5899 were renumbered? My 1940 ORER does not list them, and my 1950 ORER lists SP 47572-47663 with only 3 remaining. The other group of PE gons that went to the SP I have as PE 5601-5699 PSC 1913. Can you tell me if this is correct for a group of 99 cars, or should it start at 5600? Were these the only PE gons to go to SP?


Lee A. Gautreaux - The RailGoat

Yes, they are indeed in my book: look at Class W-50-0, page 33. PE
and Ira Swett called them dump cars and they were rostered with the
other Work equipment in W classes. In 1940 the survivors were
transferred to SP. Swett says they were "steel," but the original AC&F
order reported in _Railway Age_ says they were composite cars, and the
photograph on p. 61 of my book confirms that: a photo of PE 5729. It
has what appear to be wooden sides, so probably a steel underframe.
Interestingly it is carrying a lumber load.

Tony Thompson

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