Re: PE 5700 series gondola

Lee Gautreaux


Okay, I was missing the G-50-9 and -13 cars. I knew there were more PE gons, but I forgot that some were given SP class designations when built. I think I have the appropriate updates made. The Swett book sounds awesome. Oh, Vol 1 is at the office. Thanks for the help.


I don't know for a fact which cars went to SP, as they do not
show up in my ledgers. It looks like about 100 of the original 200 PE
cars were transferred. I have a 1944 ORER, which list 98 cars in SP
series 47566-47665. The Swett PE book (Vol. III on cars) lists only
four specific cars: PE 5730 going to SP 47566, 5780 going to SP 47567,
5831 going to 47568 and 5832 to 47569.
For the PE 5600 series, I'm sure it was 5600-5699, as the
_Railway Age_ entry said 100 cars. Only 50 of them survived to get
transferred to SP in 1937-38 (these cars do show up in my ledgers).
Not sure what you mean by the question, "Were these the only
PE gons to go to SP?" since lots of the GS gons, and some of the
G-50-13 GB gons were also transferred, as shown in my book.

Tony Thompson

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