Re: PE 5700 series gondola

Lee Gautreaux


My primary reference for cars prior to 1960 is a series of ORER's on CD-ROM from Westerfield. Dates as follows:

1930 - Dec - ?
1940 - Jan - 2158
1950 - Jul - 1256
1959 - Jan - 0

I was quite amazed at the number of PE cars in the ORER at the late years as listed above.

I need to go through these entries to get the PE pages more up to date.

Lee A. Gautreaux - The RailGoat

I can add the following:
PE 5600-5699
50 cars went to the SP 44110-44159 series and 50 stayed at the PE.
The July 1933 ORER does not list the SP series, the October 1937
ORER lists 50 cars in the SP series. Subsequent years list 50 cars
in the SP and PE series.

PE 5700-5899
100 cars went to the SP 47566-47665 series and 100 stayed at the PE.
The January 1939 ORER lists an SP 47091-47577 series of 135 hopper
bottom gondolas, HD type, and no mention of the 47566 series. The July
1940 ORER lists 100 cars in the SP 47566-47665 series with a triangle
denoting additions. The HD type gons are listed as 47096-47546 with a
total of 16 cars and a diamond denoting and increase !? Subsequent
years list 100 cars + or - in the SP and PE series.

Lee what quarter is your 1940 ORER ?
This will narrow my time frame for the transfer of the 5700s.
Bill Kelly

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