Re: Transverse air reservoir ATSF Bx-37 boxcars


Jim -

PM me - I may know a source for the underframe drawings for the Bx-37. I have a Protocraft "O" scale car to work on the brake arrangement. The small tabs on the side sills also need some work - they are too large.

A.T. Kott

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I'm trying to get information on the fittings and mounting brackets used to mount the air reservoirs on the Santa Fe's Bx-37 class of boxcars. Specifically, I need to know what the mounting arrangement looked like as opposed to other types of mounts. Also, was there some sort of protective plate on the outboard end of the mounting?

I've searched through Dobyne III's ATSF boxcar book, and Dr. Hendrickson's Painting and Lettering Guide for photos, but there are none that really show the detail that I need.

Does anyone know of a drawing or close-up photo of this mounting?


Jim Wolf
Belen, NM

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