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Clark Propst

You do amazing work Jery.

I just amazed myself. I'm decaling a CB&Q 35000 series box car with Micro Scale decals. I have a RMJ with a photo, plus the CBQHS bullitin on those style box cars. I still managed to put the first slogan on the wrong side of the car! And applied a coat of Mircosol. It was when I was going to apply the second dose of Micrsol that I niticed the screw up. I was able to flood the area with water and lift the slogan up with the tip of my knife blade. I transferred the decal to my dish of water to straighten it out then poured it onto the other side of the car. Whew!
Clark Propst

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`New this week are sets for a C&NW USRA rebuild and a Rock
Island USRA rebuild

A set for the Stark Bros car has also been added:

Jerry Glow
The Villages FL

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