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What is the association if any to the NYO&W or did they just "borrow" their logo?

Jerry Glow

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You had better luck than I with Micro-Scale decals. I had an S-scale set of Micro-Scale for a Wescott & WInks refrigerator car. True, I had purchased the decals a few years ago. I put one segment after another into the water only to see them disintegrate. Not very far into theprocess I stopped and managed to salvage enough for one side. I hope I can use that side to make a copy onto decal copy paper.


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`New this week are sets for a C&NW USRA rebuild
http://home.comcast.net/~jerryglow/samples/CNW_rebuild.jpg and a Rock
Island USRA rebuild http://home.comcast.net/~jerryglow/samples/RI_rbld.jpg

A set for the Stark Bros car has also been added:

Jerry Glow
The Villages FL

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